• Stay Fit and Healthy
  • Effective Treatments
  • Maintain peak performances
  • Hands-on Approach
  • Stay Fit and Healthy

    Don't let injuries hold you back

  • Effective Treatments

    Get rid of your aches & pains

  • Maintain peak performances

    Fully qualified Physiotherapist

  • Hands-on Approach

    Highly effective manual techniques

Welcome to Comfort Physiotherapy

Comfort Physiotherapy is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapy service based within the Berkeley Centre Health, in Clifton, Bristol. Our main aim is to deliver outstanding therapy for all our clients.

The Team

  • matt Matt Comfort

    Matt is a fully Chartered Physiotherapist, has the highest attainable qualification in Sports Massage and is fully qualified in Acupuncture. When not in clinic, Matt teaches Sports Massage at UWE.

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  • kelly Kelly Steed

    Kelly is a fully Chartered Physiotherapist with great experience in variety of settings. She currently studying Pilates to compliment her Physiotherapy treatments and has a special interest in ante-natal care, post-natal care and respiratory disorders.

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  • img_0277 Owen Lynch

    Owen is a highly skilled and experienced Physiotherapist. The majority of Owen’s clinical experience is treating sports injuries, work-related injuries and back/neck pain.

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Patient Testimonials

  • I first went to see Matt after having suffered from severe sciatica for about 2 months due to a bulging disc. Matt suggested that physio would help alleviate the pain. After only 2 sessions the pain was more manageable and I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel.


    After a month I was virtually pain free and was then able to restart my training in preparation of climbing some mountains in the Alps this July – something that didn’t seem likely in March.
    I now see Matt routinely for some maintenance sessions to ensure there are no flare ups of any kind.
    Thanks Matt for all that you have done – I now feel ready for Mont Blanc

    David Sheppard, Mountaineer

  • I fully recommend Matt for any kind of Physiotherapy or Sports Massage treatments. Not only does he offer a fantastic service, his knowledge is great and his hands-on skills are superb.


    He’s my go to guy with all my rugby aches and pains.

    Sam Johnson, Rugby player

  • Matt has been a great help in resolving a torn hamstring and groin strain.

    He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, is professional and I would highly recommend him.

    Ben Rankin, Middle distance runner

  • I had a real ongoing problem with my back due to various sporting injuries in the past. After researching a number of different places to go I was advised Matt Comfort as an expert who deals with such things.

    The bloke was great and in a few sessions I was back in the gym. Not only was he was a really nice guy, but his physio treatments were superb. I’d recommend him to anyone who wants a professional service with a welcoming atmosphere.

    James Brick, Bodybuilder

  • I couldn’t recommend Matt highly enough. A torn ATFL two weeks before an ironman and he got me to the start line. Traditional massage, acupuncture and suction cups are just a few tricks up his sleeve!

    Marcus Rendle, Elite Ironman athlete

  • Playing hockey at premier league level means that I put my body through intense exercise 4/5 times a week.
    Whenever I start to feel a niggle that I fear can turn into an injury, I book an appointment with Matt.
    Matt’s physio and sports massage is excellent and he always succeeds to revert the problem.
    In addition, Matt identifies the area of muscle weakness and provides me with targeted exercises to strengthen that area to prevent future injury. Matt is extremely enthusiastic and professional; I would highly recommend his treatment!

    Els Mansell, Clifton Ladies Hockey Club 1st Team

  • I was treated by Matt for a rugby injury that I sustained earlier this year. I was experiencing lots of pain on the outside of my leg and was unable to play for 4 or 5 weeks. I saw Matt twice a week, for 3 weeks and was pain free by the end of the treatments. Matt offers a very professional service, excellent customer communication skills and outstanding treatments. I would recommend him to anybody seeking Physiotherapy.

    Ben Runcorn, Gloucestershire University Rugby Union President

  • I hurt my back badly while ice skating and then ran the Bristol 10k the day after pumped on ibuprofen, later finding I was in excessive pain and that my muscles were very tense. Matt gave me an appointment right away and knew exactly the type of pain I was referring to.

    I found the treatment helped amazingly and could walk with a lot more ease after it, I even went out that night! I would recommend him to anyone who needs physiotherapy, and he will definitely be the first person I contact if I need treatment again. Thanks so much for such a great service!

    Ariana Alexander-Sefre, Bristol Ambassador for Nike Sport

  • Matt has treated me for a number of injuries, both while I was competing and since I’ve retired from the sport. I particularly value that Matt himself is an athlete, as he looks at the overall picture and understands the importance of getting me back to training as quickly as possible.

    Matt has always been able to arrange convenient appointments with me, often at short notice. His personalised rehab programmes provided me with exactly what to do to return to full fitness. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone seeking high quality physiotherapy treatment, advice or support.

    Charlotte Marr, Ex-International GB Gymnast

  • I was suffering from the worst pain I had ever known, taking a cocktail of prescribed pain-relieving medication and had been absent from work for 7 weeks with chronic neck and shoulder pain before I saw Matt. He is a brilliant physio and I am sure he could see my body inside out as he knew exactly what to do to provide me with fast acting relief from the pain. I also gained more movement in my neck and feel a lot more optimistic about returning to work. He is a true professional and an expert in his field. Well worth a visit.

    Linda Beavan, Teacher